YEAR 2020

Inis, the extra virgin olive oil

With a light and pleasant spicy aftertaste
Inis • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml.

Inis • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml.

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Full-bodied EVO oil with a slight pinch at the back of the throat
vintage 2021
Inis has in itself the natural taste of Tuscany

Inis • Extra Virgin Olive Oil • 5L.

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The extra virgin olive oil comes from a careful selection of the best olives and Panzanello. The oil is very balanced, with a light, pleasantly spicy aftertaste. It embodies the natural taste of Tuscany and is ideal to use with refined dishes.


Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Correggilo.


The olives are all picked by hand. The oil is obtained by cold pressing and conserved in special stainless steel containers for natural decanting.


Intense green color, a fruity and fragrant perfume, very balanced to the palate and elegant thanks to its low acidity. It has a pleasant spicy aftertaste.

Inis • Extra Virgin Olive Oil • 5L.